Monday, December 16, 2013

Visits and Suprise

The past couple of days we have been finishing up with our business and industry visits.  On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Dow AgriSciences.  While we were there we had the opportunity to tour and learn more about the company.  Upon the tour we were fortunate enough to enjoy pizza for lunch followed by one on one conversation with some of the Dow employees.
Following our visit with Dow AgriSciences we went to MacAllisters, there we met with Jay Shininger and learned all about their business.

After wrapping up the visits on Thursday, Friday we had the opportunity to attend the 95th Farm Bureau Convention in Fort Wayne.  We were able to walk through the trade show, followed by the lunch and the opening session.

It is safe to say that Saturday was a day dreaded by most of the team.  We had to wake up early and take our economics final exam.  However, after powering through the exam Mr. Martin took us out to lunch in celebration to the end of the semester. To our surprise our families were there! Well most of them anyway. Turns out our parents had been planning a surprise Christmas party for us all along.  We had a blast catching up with them and getting to spend the afternoon with them.

Still in the Christmas spirit the team went up to Shirley, IN where we got the spend the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Hickey.  We had a blast watching the CMA Country Christmas and playing with their dogs. Not to mention the amazing homemade food! It has been a great week, but we cannot wait to go home this weekend to celebrate Christmas with our families.

With Love, 

Sarah Dirksen
State Sentinel

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