Monday, April 28, 2014

Beginning the Journey


The Indiana FFA has been blessed to have thirty-seven Indiana FFA State Officer Candidates for the 2014-2015 Indiana FFA State Officer Team. Within this group, there is great potential for the Indiana FFA Organization to mold into our next leaders. Until then, these individuals have a great journey to be enjoyed.

               This past weekend many of the candidates joined together at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center to help with our Spring CDEs: Floriculture, Small Engines, and Practical Forestry, view an Executive Committee Meeting, convene for the State Officer Candidate Open House, and get to know one another. Their journey will most importantly be marked by the time they spend together and the relationships they build. Their journey is arduous, but it can be rewarding.

               As a candidate last year, I pray for each of these candidates. I pray that they all find a “heart to serve” and a “mind to work”. I pray they build lifelong relationships and find immense personal growth throughout the process. My biggest wish is that these candidates have fun.

               I have gotten to know many of the thirty-seven in my time in FFA. They are talented, have huge hearts, and bright personalities. I feel close to them and love them all dearly. I wish each of them the best, not in becoming a state officer, but in life. These candidates all represent how the FFA can develop individuals. For seven, it will be a continued process to grow and serve, but for all thirty-seven, it will be a process that will continually serve them in their future endeavors.

Best Wishes,

Ethan McNeely

Indiana FFA State Southern Region Vice President



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