Thursday, February 26, 2015

A True Thanks...

As a state officer, I have had the opportunity to travel the incredible state of Indiana and see or participate in numerous things. I could talk about the travels during chapter visits and the diverse scenery around the Hoosier state. I could explain which historic landmarks are in which part of the state and recollect on the memories I have there. It seems too often I find myself working, preparing, talking, sleeping, thinking…but not often enough do I find myself thanking. During this, National FFA Week, isn’t that what we are celebrating? Celebrating the longevity of this organization, celebrating the opportunities we have, celebrating the friends we’ve made, celebrating our gratitude for all of this.
I often overlook this simple act…thanking.  Right here, in Ellettsville, Indiana, I say thanks…
To my team: I thank you for the opportunity to do life with you this year. We are blessed to call our glitter, love, white-walled, loud, comfy, laugh-filled house a home. You all are the reason I am able to wake up each and every day and feel loved, cherished, and important. I love you all and cannot wait for our futures to become a reality.
To state staff: I thank you for your unwavering support this year. We have asked a lot of questions and said a lot of things, but you have embraced it all with open arms and a happy heart. Your guidance, knowledge, and passion for Indiana FFA is genuinely appreciated. We couldn’t do it without you.
To my family: You have been not only my support system but my rock this year. Through thick and thin, you have been there for me. Whether it be late-night phone calls, last-minute requests for food, a plea for help, or simply a call home…you have been there. You have provided for me my entire life, and I thank you for allowing me to be in this position. I love you.
To Indiana FFA: Where to begin? You have welcomed me into your homes and schools. You have allowed me to catch a glimpse of the incredible things you are doing around the state. Most importantly, or perhaps most memorably, you have treated me like family and provided me opportunities I would have had nowhere else. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of this and so much more. Your passion for the industry, tenacity in challenging the status quo, and perseverance in making positive change in the world is inspiring. You challenge me to become a better person and make me realize just how blessed I truly am.
As I sit here admiring the world around me, I am overflowing with gratitude. You all are amazing people bound to do incredible things. I thank you for all that you provide me and the opportunities you present.

Love All Out,

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