Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prepare Yourself for a Good Laugh

One day, I was coming home from a very long day of school. You know those days where you have a gazillion tests, everyone is grouchy, and all you really want to do is go outside! Everyone has one of those days. It seems like things are going in sssllloooowww motion. Anyhow, I shuffled off the dusty bus which was a two-hour bus ride and I was ready for a snack! I was absolutely ready to get all the days events out of my head and relax. I grabbed the mail and looked at the long pine tree line driveway….I told myself,” Alright, Let’s go!”

*10 minutes later*

Finally I made it to the garage! We left the garage door about two feet open so that Carl and Dolly could come in and out during the day. I rolled under the garage door because 1.) I didn't have a key because I lost it and 2.) I felt like a secret agent. Once I got under the large door I stood up. Not thinking twice... I glanced over to the steps inside the garage that led to our house and there curled up was Carl. Or so I thought... 
This Dolly! 
This is Carl as a kitten!

Carl is a huge cat and he is darker colored. I approached the house, opened the door and walked in. As I was walked in I heard something shuffle in front of the door. The door to our house is blue with glass windows. I peer out the windows…

THERE OUTSIDE THE DOOR WAS A HUGE. ALIVE. HUGE. RACCOON!!!!! This animal was definitely not Carl!!! I became hectic and mad at this THING. I needed to save Dolly and Carl, I had to save their lives. This raccoon was obviously sick because it was in the daylight and I knew that raccoon weren't supposed to be out when it was light. I threw my book bag down in the mud room and reached the house phone within seconds. I dialed up my mom’s work number. This was the last thing I needed I thought.

Beep. Beep. Ringggg…Ringg.

“Par-Kan Company, how may I help you?” asked a very nice calm woman.

“Loni O’Hara... PLEASE!” I half yelled into the phone.

*Elevator Music Plays*

“Hello Lindsey, did you make it home okay? Are you in the house? Have you washed the dishes in the sink yet?” my mom said asking me many questions like most moms do.


All I hear was her ever so famous laugh. You know those laughs that are contagious, the ones that you can pick out in a huge crowd. My mom has one!

“MOM….Mom…I am serious! I am not even kidding this time, this is REAL life!” I exclaimed really mad that she didn't believe me a word I was saying.

“Alright honey, we will talk later. Love you, bye!” she hung up.

Fine, if she didn't believe me I was going to prove it! I ran to the back of our house where a door led out into part of our backyard. I slowly made my way to the door that opened up into the garage with the key I surprisingly found in the grill (it was my lucky day).

 Slowly, I unlocked the door. Slowly, I opened the door there it sat…HUGE…FAT…RACCOON sitting in front of the door. I quickly took about a thousand pictures of it ready to prove to the world that this actually happened. I sent the pictures to my mom, then decided that there was no way that I was going to get this raccoon out by myself. I grabbed the pets and headed for the barn obviously saving their lives. I decided to wait till my brothers came home to attempt to get this thing out of the garage.
This is the REAL Raccoon!

Moral of the story, don’t ever think your cat is actually a cat if you are for sure. No, just kidding that’s not the point. The point is, sometimes we get wrapped up in the day’s details and forget to take a look at the big picture. We don’t have to carry the same attitude throughout the day. We can at any time change it. It’s deciding to accept your day isn't going great and still try to make the best out of it. I definitely did not react in the best way and I ended up being grouchy that night. All I needed to do was laugh hysterically and realize that I had no control over this raccoon. Someone once told me: “It’s never too late to turn the day around.” No matter how bad your day is... take a deep breath and realize that it can change if you choose so. I challenge you to take a deep breath because life is 2% of what happens to you and 98% of how you react. Smile! It'll be okay!

Keep a Smile and Love Always,
Lindsey O'Hara
Northern Region Vice President 

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