Monday, November 14, 2016

How Full is Your Bucket?

             I have recently read a book titled, “How Full is Your Bucket?”. It is a book about leadership and not just developing yourself as an individual, but also by developing those around you. This was the first leadership type book I have ever actually read and I was a bit skeptical when I first began to get into it. In the beginning, I was thinking that it was going to be some typical, boring leadership words written in a book. However, once I finally flew the book open and began diving into its content, I realized that this book was about much more than just leadership, much more than just becoming a leader, and much more than just learning how to help others.

            The first chapter began with a very intriguing story regarding the Korean War, and this story drew me in at an exponential rate due to the fact that I have a strong passion for history. Then the author of the book began indulging his audience (me) into the meat and potatoes of the true meaning behind “How full is your Bucket”. The ideology behind the book is that when you fill someone’s bucket, they not only become happier and more productive, but you become happier and more productive. The phrase, “How full is your Bucket”, relates to the positivity or negativity levels an individual may possess. A person with a negative mind set does not have a very full bucket, while someone with a much more positive demeanor will have a full bucket.
            Within the book, the author portrays the fact that positivity as well as negativity will dramatically alter the productivity of someone. So, for instance, in a work place environment, the boss’s positivity or negativity levels will alter the productivity levels of those working for them. A boss that is extremely positive, encouraging, and rewarding will have positive effects on their employees, the boss will thus be filling the employees buckets, and the productivity levels will grow. On the other hand, a boss or employer that uses negativity in the workplace, will be dipping out of their employees buckets, which will lead to a loss of productivity. However, when it comes to rewarding a person for the success they have achieved, in hopes of filling their bucket, it takes a personal approach. Not every person likes to be recognized for their achievements the same way, so if an employer gets to know that person and then makes the recognition personable and germane to the recipient, the bucket of that person will be filled exponentially.
            This book that I read gave a me a new sort of vision when it comes to working on myself and how to work with and for others. I have found that when approaching a situation, a positive attitude is the most advantageous method. I found that when working with others it is best to focus on positives at a much higher frequency than negatives. It has also helped me realize that each and every person across this globe is unique as an individual and requires different methods of positivity, encouragement, and reinforcement. So, to the nearly 12,000 Indiana FFA members and its countless supporters, let’s be positive, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us. I challenge every person that reads this to begin thinking of ways to fill your friends, teachers, colleagues, and family’s buckets. It will help make them feel full of joy and excitement but it will also give you that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you make someone’s day better. Indiana FFA, how full is your bucket?

Warm Regards,
Nathan Blume
2016-2017 Indiana FFA State Treasurer
P.S. Read the book

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