Wednesday, November 30, 2016


My family is HUGE on traditions – and it is no different during the Holiday Season. Every Thanksgiving my heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness as I spend time with family and friends. Whether it is a competitive game of ‘Spoons’, decorating my Grandma’s house for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day or listening to stories of memories from long ago, every Thanksgiving reminds me of deep rooted traditions that my family shares.  Likewise, Christmas would not be the same without certain traditions – Christmas Eve Service, endless hours of baking and decorating Christmas goodies, wrapping presents for the ones I love or the iconic Christmas card picture that we always take and send to hundreds of friends and family. Even traditions such as watching 'Christmas Vacation' (Every family can relate to the stars of this movie - including Cousin Eddie!) and other Christmas classics make the season even more majestic. These traditions are something I value and appreciate about this most wonderful time of the year.
In Indiana, we have cows instead of reindeer! This is one of my most memorable Christmas Card picture! 

Similarly, I have found these same values of tradition and gratitude within the National FFA Organization. Truthfully, I joined in 7th grade because of the family tradition, I am the 3rd generation of FFA members within both sides of my family. This feeling of tradition encouraged me to grow in my leadership skills and become as involved as possible. From the blue corduroy jacket to opening and closing ceremonies to enjoying everything that the Indiana FFA Center has to offer – the traditions within FFA are awe inspiring and have something to offer every single person. These traditions are what the National FFA Organization was founded on and continues to strive as we continue to improve our organization. So the next time you see the emblem, hear the FFA Creed, receive a degree or award or put on official dress – realize the value of being involved with such meaningful traditions that FFA gives each and every member.
Being involved in FFA is a tradition that I will always be grateful for - and owe so much to! 

This year, it has been wonderful to start new traditions with my six new siblings and teammates. From making our very own Thanksgiving meal (accurately called 'Teamsgiving')  and sharing what we are thankful for to decorating our home for Christmas and buying special gifts for each one of them it has been the greatest blessing to start new traditions. These memories of laughter, fun and togetherness are ones that I will always cherish. I encourage you to take the opportunity to create new traditions with the ones that you love.

Enjoy these times of tradition – not only with your family, but within the organizations you are involved with. Continue to make new traditions and embrace the old. I encourage you to appreciate the traditions that FFA has to share with YOU!

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas! 

God Bless, 

Emily Dougherty 
2016-2017 Indiana FFA State Southern Region Vice-President 

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