Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flowers, Cards, Love?

February 14th – a day many couples look forward to each year (and many singles dread).  Celebrations across the world include purchasing flowers, cards, and candy for those who mean a lot to them. According to, over 198 million roses were sold on Valentine’s Day, making it the number one holiday for florists.  As I scrolled through social media, my heart was full as I saw others boast about their significant others, families, and friends.

But why does it have to stop on February 15th? While at home this past weekend, I asked my four-year old sister Emma if she was excited for Valentine’s Day.  She responded, “YES! But I love you every day.”  That little girl has taught me so many lessons, but I think what she taught me that day will stick with me forever.  We focus so much on the materialistic gifts and items we may or may not receive on that special holiday, but we often lose focus on the thing that we are actually celebrating – love.  Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate receiving the flowers and the gift cards, but I think that it is so important that we don’t overlook the people who are giving them to us.  I am thankful for those special people each and every day and Emma made me realize showing that love shouldn’t just happen on the fourteenth of February.

Emma shows her love each time I'm with her!
Throughout this year, our team has been shown love from all types of people – members, family, mentors, staff, teachers, sponsors, stakeholders. No matter what we endure, we know that we have over 12,000 Indiana FFA members and thousands of others who support us and are there to encourage us in all that we do – and for that, we are thankful.

I challenge you to look beyond the flowers, cards, and other items you may have received this past Tuesday.  Sit back and think about all of those who have helped you and those who have shown you love.  As you look forward, remember to continuously show your love and appreciation for all that they do.  To those who have helped to push me to be the person that I am today – thank you, I truly appreciate all you do!

Love Always,
Chaela Minor
Indiana FFA State Secretary

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