Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Journey Between the Destination

The Journey Between the Destination

During Banquet season, I have covered a lot of miles in my car, used lots of gas and have truly seen areas of Indiana that I have never seen before. I try to embrace Rodney Atkin’s lyrics and “Take a Backroad” as often as I can when I am driving to or from a banquet with a couple minutes to spare.
A gorgeous sunset I captured one evening! 

While adventuring, I have seen many majestic scenes that make each town, county and township unique. I quickly recall the cutest town circle in Paoli, the happiest water tower driving from Bellmont High School, the most beautiful farmsteads in rural Shelby and Decatur Counties and so many more. 
Look closely to see the happy water tower! :) 

Pictures fill my camera roll of these captivating memories. I think about if I had chosen to stay on the main road, I would not have the opportunity to see these neat places. I also would not have new ideas to fuel my dream farmhouse, farmstead and even the most ideal town! Trust me, everywhere we go, our team sees various houses and envisions our dream one that are perfectly planned in our minds- of course, with an unlimited amount of money.
Sometimes, I become so attentive on reaching the banquet – the end destination – that I lost sight of everything else that the journey has to offer. But, when I made the choice to explore, I realized that there is so much more to the journey than the destination.
Isn’t that so much like our lives? We become so captivated by the end destination - a goal, an event, an achievement – that we forget to enjoy the journey of life we are each blessed with.
We live life flying with blinders on, but if we would only take them off, we will realize that there’s so much more to experience.
The journey to our destination is has so much more to offer us than the destination itself. Each journey brings opportunities, experiences and scenes we could never imagine. Always enjoy every moment of your journey that brings you to your destination.

Making the journey count,

Emily Dougherty
2016-2017 Indiana FFA State 

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