Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Effect of Teamwork

Today’s the day; the start of the 90th National FFA Convention & Expo! A day that thousands of FFA members look forward to each year come October.
Although Wednesday is the true kickoff, my teammates and I, as well as our two other State Delegates had the privilege to drive up to Indianapolis early Monday morning. This gave us the chance to attend a training session entitled “Respecting Diversity” and participate in the National Delegate Day of Service. The Day of Service was an opportunity for State Officers and Delegates from all 52 State Associations to partake in a community service project of their choosing around the city of Indianapolis. As a team, we decided we would donate our time to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, an organization that combats hunger by inspecting donated food, packing boxes to the brim, and distributing that food all across the state of Indiana. Now, this seems like an event that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, as any person who really wanted to could easily go in and donate their time doing the exact same thing we did that day. However, there was something special about Monday.
Gleaners didn’t just have nine people come help out, but rather over 120 FFA members selflessly giving up three and a half hours of their day in order to help combat hunger. Throughout those hours, we all had a blast sorting food, getting to know each other, posing for pictures, and jamming out to music. This all sounds like something simple and not that big of a deal, but here comes the most impactful part. Within those three and a half hours, we all sorted and packed over 25,000 pounds food, which will soon be distributed to feed 21,064 Hoosiers. Knowing that we had that much of an impact on a state that we love so much was a truly humbling experience that we got to participate in that day. I know it will always be something that sticks with my team and I for months to come. It just goes to show that no matter how tired we may get in life, a huge impact can be made when we all come together with one simple goal in mind.

With a humble heart,

Grant Sanchez

‘17-’18 State Sentinel

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