Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Great Things Can I Do?

As I went home from National Convention thoughts flooded my head. I had just experienced all the National officers retiring addresses, watched members be recognized for their proficiencies, and met other delegates that are doing such great things in their states. The question that went around my mind was: what great things can I do? This is an important question, and one that I was probably supposed to get out of the convention, but it made me feel empty.
I do not mean to accuse anyone at National FFA for this feeling. I can only blame my mind for shifting the question of “What great things can I do” to  the very different question “What great things can I do to be recognized.” I know I am not alone in the search for recognition. Our minds seek after the approval of other people and in the days after convention I looked for meaningful things to do in order to receive recognition.
Recognition is not bad, but it caused me to lose sight of something important: my team. In seeking the attention of others, I lost sight of the importance in the people around me. I remembered that I get to live with 6 of my best friends, that I get to take a year out of school and serve full time, and that I get to have countless opportunities to communicate important messages that high school students need to know. I remembered what my purpose is.
Whether it is doing the dishes, making cake pops, or offering your help to others. If you are helping others you are doing something great. If you are making your community better you are doing something great. Awards are not as important as the growth and impact that come from your efforts.

With a Thankful Heart,
Cole Pearson 
2017-2018 Treasurer

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