Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Feelings

It can be so easy to think of life as a stagnant journey where we simply go through the motions. Wake up, go to school, go home, do more work, then finally of to bed to begin the next day’s cycle. However, when was the last time we took a step back to truly admire the beautiful work God has laid for us?

I often times find myself going through the motions, only to realize that I have exactly 227 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 3 seconds left to enjoy life as I know it. One thing I do not take advantage of as much as I should is the Indiana FFA Leadership Center; especially in its full glory during the season of fall. There is no better place to spend my favorite season than in the middle of 110 acres of woods transforming into vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange. There is beauty all around me, yet I neglect stop for a second to realize it. Amidst this realization, I compiled a list of things I love about fall; discovered because I took time to step back and truly enjoy God’s creation.  

20 Things I Love About Fall
  1. Campfires
  2. Hot Apple Cider
  3. Colorful leaves
  4. Sweaters/sweatshirts
  5. Halloween
  6. Pumpkin spiced everything
  7. Discounted Halloween candy
  8. Smores
  9. Football
  10. Scarfs
  11. Harvest
  12. National Convention
  13. Soils judging time
  14. Perfect weather
  15. Thanksgiving
  16. Pie
  17. Caramel apples
  18. Hay rides
  19. Festivals
  20. Everything
Loving fall, 
Emily Kilmer
State Secretary 

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