Monday, September 23, 2019

Road Trip!

There’s just something I love about small town Nashville, Indiana, especially in the fall. When I go, I can go to the hill top and see for miles and miles. The leaves on the trees are a fiery orange and red. As I walk around, I can feel the leaves crunch beneath my feet and hear the laughter from the other families who are enjoying the same view. 

Photo Courtesy of Midwest Living

 That was just a glimpse of why I love Nashville, but there’s so much more. My friends and I always find joy here. We always make time to visit at our six favorite stops in the sweet town of Nashville.

↠Common Grounds for coffee and coffee beans! 
A little secret-Mint Chocolate Chip is the best!
↠Artist Colony Inn for lunch
↠Magic Store- he performs live and free! 
↠Dress Shops
↠Miller’s Ice cream- home of the best homemade ice cream EVER! 
↠Brown County State Park-Horse back riding and swinging

Nashville is my home away from home. The windy back roads and passing different places that I have the chance to reminisce on, builds within me. For example, on 252 in Trafalgar, I pass the FFA Center “2” sign and Hannah asks “What does the 2 mean? Where’s FFA Center 1?” Not knowing that it means two miles.
Or driving through Morgantown seeing Kathy’s restaurant where my step sister and I walked to lunch quite frequently. My favorite must be the gas station at the four way stop, where my dad and I rode our lawn mowers to get gas. These are the little things that I will carry with me. Always remember: It’s not where you go in life, but it's who and how you go about it that counts.

Appreciating the little things,
Taylor Roy

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