Monday, October 28, 2019

National Convention Hype

My last blog discussed one of my favorite fall activities which was hunting. I failed to mention that my second favorite fall activity is the wonderful National FFA Convention! As a sophomore, I got to experience convention for the first time. The expo booths, sessions, and wonderful sea of blue had me amazed and mesmerized. I have met so many people from outside of the Hoosier state from the connections I made at National Convention. This year I get the chance to serve as a delegate which means more time in Indy and a chance to make big choices for this wonderful organization. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite memories from National Convention that I hope everyone gets the chance to experience this week!               

▪ Trying to get a signature from every state
▪ Watching the laser light show at session
▪ Seeing the Rodeo, concert, or hypnotist show
▪ Walking away with a bag of free items

▪ Going on tours across the state
▪ Retail therapy at Cowpokes or the FFA Megastore 
▪ Seeing the Blue Room for the first time
▪ Getting to catch up with my friends from across the state

No, I am not sponsored (only in my dreams) but I do remember all of these activities and loved each one as much as the next. As we begin this week of festivities let us all remember to have fun, be safe, and keep your tally whacker tucked!

With plenty of excitement, 

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  1. Should I ask what goes on there based on your last statement?