Monday, November 18, 2019

DQ or Bust

It was a brisk 35-degree Monday morning. I was thinking about everything I had to do that day and I realized I didn’t have much to do. I also realized I hadn’t been very active recently. I wasn’t up to going to the gym and it was almost lunch timeI thought about a story of a past team, they rode bikes into Trafalgar for lunch. There was a problem with this idea though, we didn’t have bikes. 
I walked into the living room and found my teammate Noah on the couch. I said, “Noah what do you think about us walking to Dairy Queen for lunch?” He then looked at me like I was insane and replied “Eion it’s like 30 degrees outside and it’s four miles to Dairy Queen!” However, after some thought he agreed to take on the adventure with me. 
Now I knew it was cold and believe me, I prepared for the cold, but I did not prepare for the freezing rain. I quickly found out that my hoodie and tennis shoes where not waterproof and that water makes the cold much worse. Once we had decided wemade some bad clothing decisions, a half hour into the trip, it was too late to turn around. Luckily, Dillon was on his way back and we called him for reinforcements, he met us at DQ and brought us dry clothes. After such a long, cold, and rainy walkthose chicken strips tasted better than they ever had before!
After a lot of persuasion to give up and ride back with Dillon we decided that we were going to finish our adventure! With renewed energy and warm toes, we ventured back out into the cold. Luckily the icy rain had turned into snow and the wind was at our backs. That was all we needed. As we passed the Johnson County library, we saw a tan car sitting on the side of the road, it pulled out and drove up next to us. In the driver’s seat was none other than Dillon. He had been waiting on us to make sure we were doing okay. We laughed and told him we were fine; We were going to finish this trip! On our way back Noah and I talked about everything from why mini vans are so cool, to the corn that was still in the fields. We even came up with our own verses to the song “White Christmas.”  
About the time we were walking down the lane of the FFA center, we had an idea. We decided to call Dillon and tell him we were giving up. As we got to our driveway, I called him to tell him we couldn’t make it. It wasn’t 10 seconds after we called that we saw him running out of the house to his car. Noah and I then hollered at him and laughed. But inside we were both really glad to know he cared so much about us. Not only was he so quick to come get us but he even had hot chocolate ready for us when we walked in. I realized a lot that dayI realized that I had so much fun talking to Noah for the three hours we spent on the road together. I realized how much my teammates cared for me when Dillon kept checking on us. I realized none of those awesome things would have happened if we would not have taken advantage of that spontaneous moment. I challenge you to be spontaneous and enjoy those moments.

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