Monday, November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving Grace

When I was in Elementary school, my church would put on a small skit during mass. Twelve students would get up and hold letters that spelled out THANKSGIVING. On the back of the card was a small saying that we would read that pertained to that specific letter. 
    I remember being so excited to be picked to read the letters! When I was in 6th grade I had the letter G. The letter G stood for Grace. It said,
 “Grace is the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire impulses, and to impart strength to endure trials and resist temptation.”
As a 6th grader, I did not quite understand what this meant. Not until years later did I truly understand what the letter G in THANKSGIVING really meant. 
    I started to understand what grace meant more when my Great Uncle Red passed away. At every family function, he would always come up to us and pull on our ears. As a little kid, I extremely disliked this and always tried to hide(which never worked). However, when he did pull our ears he would always ask how we were or how our day was going.  Once he passed away I realized there would be no more ear pulls much less those simple, meaningful questions. I realized that through grace, Uncle Red truly appreciated his family. I could still remember all of these things by living in his memory. No matter who came in at family parties, Uncle Red greeted everyone with a smile, a handshake, or an ear pull. I try to live with grace like Uncle Red every day. Not only the smile and handshakes but his graceful attitude. Uncle Red and Aunt Ruth did not have to host the family Thanksgiving every year but they did because of grace. They wanted to make sure everyone had a place for Thanksgiving. 
    Once I began to think deeper about having grace, I thought back to the word THANKSGIVING. I realized that giving thanks is the true point. Being able to give thanks for those things that are around you, including your family and friends. I have realized that not everyone believe it or not has 100+ cousins that they actually interact and know. I have realized that not everyone has the same luxury as growing up on a farm or learning the true meaning of friendship. Not only does being thankful come in for family and friends but objects as well. The greatest shoes, the newest phone, the fanciest car, or the best backpack does not mean you are a happy person. Over my many conversations thus far this year, I have become aware that some of the happiest people are the ones with so little, but have the biggest heart for family and friends. You do not have to have the latest gadgets and gizmos, in the end those have no significant impact on our lives. But, the people we surround ourselves with, people who share grace with us-those are the people that are going to make and impact on us. Those people with help fill us with grace. 

Be Graceful, 
Dillon Muhlenkamp

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