Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Making Time to Recharge

One thing this year has really shown me is how important it is for me to see family. We do not have an over abundance of time to go home to see people, so some of my family does not see me as often. Easter was an amazing time for me. I was able to go home and see all of my family in one place. We got to enjoy some good food and spend the holiday together.

As we gathered around my dining room table, we had loads of food to eat. We sat for hours eating and then talking about all the small things we needed to catch up on. Once my family had gotten up to leave and started packing left overs, I did not want them to go. I wanted to tell them to just sit back down and they could leave later. I even tried distracting them by keeping more conversations going. I just felt like I had just seen them and now they were leaving.

This made me realize how I had been lacking something very important to me. It showed me that my best way to recharge was being around the people who care the most about me. I had sacrificed my time with them and it ultimately damaged a lot of my personal health. Because of this, I think it is important we all can identify ways that we recharge. It is so important that we take the time to bring ourselves into a balance between work and personal life. My balance was seeing my family. What will you do to find your balance?

Finding Time,

Madisen Carns

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