Wednesday, June 22, 2022

With All Our Love

Home. Family. Friends. Love. That is what you all gave our team this year. You opened your homes to us during our travels. You showed us your families, even bringing us in as honorary members. You called us friends, showing us the many types and kinds. But, most importantly, you all showed us love. You showed us love as we traversed the Hoosier state. You showed us love for our flaws, you showed us we can be ourselves, and that we have a home in each of you. You all have been our family for a year, but will remain that for the rest of our lives. We love you. 

Oh, how wonderful it is to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. You all have left an impact, forever on my heart. No matter where life takes each of us after this year, we are going to travel through life carrying the lessons and love you gave each of us. You all extended your arms, wide open with understanding, during any tough time we had this year. You all have become our life support. For that, we say thank you. You are our pulse.

Ever thankful,
Kourtney Otte
2021-2022 State President

53 chapters. Over the past year, I have felt the pulse of 53 different chapters. Thank you to Argos FFA, Prairie Heights FFA, North Decatur FFA, Oak Farm Montessori FFA, and all of the chapters that welcomed me as a friend instead of just as a state officer. Thank you for taking me to every corner of Indiana and finding friends along the way. Thank you for showing me the value of authenticity. Thank you for allowing me to serve you this year. Indiana FFA, thank you.

Forever grateful,
Nicholas Neuman
2021-2022 State Secretary

It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I will forever cherish all the people I met and the memories I made. Reflecting back on this year there's been one lesson that has stuck out to me. It is that no matter how small of an interaction you had with someone you left an impact. So many times I had members come up to me and say "You probably don't remember when we talked about..." and most of the time I did remember. It was the small interactions that people remember. Those conversations that you had that in the moment might not seem big but later they get brought back up as a positive impact on someone. Once I realized this I began to see it everywhere. Members that I had one interaction with remembered exactly who I was, what we had done together, and what I said to them. So my biggest piece of advice is to remember those small moments because others do. And those small impacts go even further when they are remembered.

With lots of love,
Tyler Kilmer
2021-2022 State Northern Region Vice President

Wow, what a truly crazy and unforgettable year it has been. I feel truly lucky and honored to have served each and every one of you this year. YOU are the heart of FFA and it is YOU that fills this organization with the PULSE of life. A few reminders: you are kind, you are smart, you are important - never forget that. Thank you for being YOU and allowing me to serve you this year.

With love,
Abby Stuckwisch
2021-2022 State Southern Region Vice President 

Indiana FFA - thank you for showing me that who I am is what this world needs. Throughout this past year, I have met some amazing members who have turned into my best friends. Thank you for the endless amount of love and being my fire during those chapter visits, banquets, and small interactions. Thank you to my mentors, family, and friends who have been by my side throughout the 365 days serving this outstanding organization. Indiana FFA - thank you for showing me I. AM. ENOUGH.

Much love,

Jordyn Wickard

2021-2022 State Treasurer

Indiana FFA, thank you for believing in me more than I ever believed in myself. Thank you for all the vulnerable moments that made every moment of this year more than worth it. I appreciate the friendships that were made and the laughs that were had. Each of you amazed me and made me thankful I got to meet you. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Never stop reaching for your goals because you are so worthy.

Signing off,
Madisen Carns
2021-2022 State Sentinel

Please never forget the impact you all have left on us. You are the pulse of our organization, the future leaders, job seekers, and change makers of Agriculture. Now, go forward and show everyone you meet the home, family, friends, and love you've shown each person here.

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