Sunday, March 5, 2023

Your Future Is Unwritten

Recently I have been reflecting a lot. My time as a State Officer is coming to an end and it is sad, but also there are so many things I have learned. While reflecting I have also been able to be so positive about the future. While the future is scary and unknown there are a few things that are extremely positive and motivating. 

First, the future is unwritten. No matter what has happened in the past you can always write about your future. There are things I wish I would have done better this year, but I have the immense opportunity to travel to Oregon, help present an amazing state convention, and ultimately continue to impact the members of Indiana FFA.

Second, for me God is in control. My faith in Christ is a daily relationship but I know that ultimately God is in control and no matter how far left and right I go he will always bring me back. This is the most comforting thing, because no matter how down on myself I get he is always there right beside me ready to pull me out.

Third, I still have time left. We’re coming up on 100 days left and while you can think of it as glass half full, in 90 days I will give anything to have that time back. I remember when we had 300 days left and I felt like that would be an eternity, but looking back now I would love to turn back the clock and be able to spend more time with my teammates and with the members of Indiana FFA. I still have time left now, and until that clock hits zero I’m gonna go all out and full throttle till someone else gets this opportunity. 

You will have some big things coming up in your life if you only look back to the past you may miss what is coming. While your future is still unwritten, pick up your pencil and write your story. 

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