Sunday, March 19, 2023

March Madness

    As a diehard Boilermaker fan, the month of March is truly a great time of the year. Although being a Boilermaker fan can be rough at times I think they have a real chance this year with potential Wooden Award player Zach Edey. One of my favorite things about March is filling out several brackets to try and predict winners for each game. Especially when I enter them in pools to compete against my teammates and family. Nothing is better than predicting a big upset (kinda like Furman over Virginia!) Who would’ve thought that to happen, definitely not me. But I can’t wait to sit back, relax and watch the Boilermakers battle through the tournament!


Unfortunately, basketball isn’t the only madness happening in March for a State Officer. Our team has had a swamped schedule over the last two weeks and the next 2 look just the same. Traveling all over the state for district contests, facilitating members and beginning preparations for the 94th Indiana FFA State Convention! The Adrenaline of a last second buzzer beater is nothing compared to the current schedule. One could say that I’m going to use basketball to calm me down for the next couple weeks.

Whether it’s the pressure of State Office or the pressure of the last few seconds of a big game, I can’t express how excited I am for the next part of my journey. I truly believe that I’m heading into the most influential time as a State Officer as I travel to banquets and plan the State’s largest event in State Convention. I’ve always been one to work harder from adrenaline and with the rest of my time as a State Officer there will be no shortage of that. The best is still yet to come in a very hectic but very thrilling part of the year. Everyone needs to buckle in for a thriller of a finish during the Madness of March.

                                                                                Go Boilers,

                                                                                     Seth Ariens Indiana FFA State President

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