Monday, April 17, 2023

Banquets and Banquets and Banquets, Oh My!

As our time as state officers comes to a close, the seven of us have been very busy, not
only preparing for state convention (which is gladly back at Purdue) but also visiting schools for
their chapter banquets. It’s always amazing to interact with the members we have met during our
year so far, as well at form new relationships with those that we haven’t.

Banquet season offers all of us the unique opportunity to end our year off strong by
impacting not only FFA members, but their families, friends, school staff, and anyone else who
may be in attendance. I know that my whole team is grateful for these opportunities, but I wanted
to take the time to share what banquet season means to me.

Personally, public speaking has always been an interest of mine. I fell in love with it at a
young age, and my FFA experience has only grown my passion for it. When staff started
scheduling our banquets, I automatically knew this would be my favorite time of the year. My
first banquet I attended was an early one for the Attica FFA chapter in mid-February. It was an
amazing experience, although I might have been a little nervous to give my keynote for the first
time. Fortunately enough, Attica FFA made my first banquet an easy one, and I was thrilled to
see the dedication that those members have.

As I just had my second banquet at South Decatur, I am reminded as to why I fell in love
with not only public speaking, but FFA in the first place. When the workload of State Convention
continues to pile up, banquets have filled my cup. The one thing I pray as I continue on to other
chapters is that when I give my keynote, the audience has left with their cups filled too.

I thank God that he put me in the position to impact a multitude of people with just one
speech. Thank you to all chapters that host state officers for their banquets. We appreciate your
hard work and will be excited to see you all again at Purdue.

Your State Sentinel,
Jaden Maze

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