Tuesday, October 31, 2023

No Tricks, Just Treats for this National Convention!

I have never been able to choose what my favorite holiday is. I honestly love the different decorations and traditions with every single holiday, but I do have to admit, Halloween is definitely in the top 5. The costumes, candy, scary movies, fall scented candles… oh I could go on forever, but anyways, Halloween definitely has a special place in my heart. 

Oh and I forgot to mention, Halloween is during National Convention this year! How lucky did National FFA get? So in the spirit of Halloween, here are some of the biggest treats National Convention gives! 

Treat #1 - General Sessions

  • If you have ever been to National Convention you just know. Running to get good seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, the pre-session dances, the hype. Everything about the sessions is just a blast. I remember sitting in the stands for the first time as a sophomore and being in awe of all the lights, music, and hype everyone has. Take it all in and have fun! 

Treat #2 - The Shopping Mall

  • One of my biggest weaknesses comes whenever I enter a store or mall, and I could definitely say the same when it comes to shopping at National Convention. I will warn you; when you go in, you will always come out with something. I told myself I was NOT going to buy anything this past year, but ended up coming out with the cutest cow print Hey Dudes and the most perfect jeans that I still wear every other week. I mean, they’re cute so it's worth it… right? 

Treat #3 - The Expo Center 

  • Along with the shopping mall, wherever you go into the expo center you will come out with something, but the good thing is that these items are free! The expo center is filled with booths belonging to different companies from all around the nation that want to give YOU opportunities to succeed as you move on from high school. You can meet people from these companies, learn about the opportunities they can provide for you and then receive free items from the company. How cool is that? I would highly encourage you to go take a look!

Treat #4 - The People!

  • It is very rare that you are surrounded by over 70,000 people who all share a common interest with you. Meet as many people as you possibly can. National Convention gives you the ability to meet people from all over the nation! Take advantage of that; I still have friends I talk to that I met at National Convention!

Treat #5 - Memories

  • During National Convention you will be able to make some of the best memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Some of my favorite memories are actually from National Convention. Keep an open mind, and have fun! You never know what people you will meet, and what opportunities will come your way. 

I hope you all will keep these treats of National Convention in mind and have a blast! Can’t wait to see you all there! :)


Maddie Denton

2023-2024 Indiana FFA State Secretary 

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