Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride

While thinking about what to do for this blog I decided to look back through some older blogs. I stumbled upon a blog written by one of our current Assistant Directors of Indiana FFA, Mr. Clingan, who will be leaving to pursue greater ambitions in a few short weeks. His blog was titled “If These Walls Could Talk”. In his blog, he talked about all those who had lived in the State Officer House and then went on to further impact Indiana FFA and agriculture. Little did he know, his name would join the ranks of many who continue to impact this organization. 

After reading through his blog, I thought about how this house has been repaired, repainted, and most recently, received new carpet. There is history held within these 4 walls, but change still happens. As an organization, we have grown and adapted to a changing society and world. This house is 35 years old and has the potential to be the home to many teams to come. None of us know where our future may take us, all we can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

If these walls could talk they wouldn’t speak about the success after we’ve left this organization, they would tell the story of the impact we have right now. Change can happen in an instant and there is nothing we can do to control our future, but we can control our present. Live in the moment and make strides to impact and better the lives of those around you. What would the walls of our ag classroom, where we work, or our home talk about? Would they talk about our success right now or all the opportunities we missed because we forgot to live in the moment? 

Unexpected change is a part of life whether it be new carpet in your house or a mentor and friend pursuing their dreams. These are the things we can’t always control, but we need to remember our why and reason for being a part of this organization. As our team says goodbye to Mr. Clingan this is something we are reminded of: 

No matter what may happen today, tomorrow, or a month from now continue to write your story.

With all the luck, 

Conner Keeslar, Northern Region Vice President

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