Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Memories from Yesterday. Moments from Today.

I have never been able to get enough adventure. Ever since I can remember, I have always been exploring the woods, swimming in the creek, and even going on “survival missions” with some of my best friends. These have been some of my greatest memories.

I still recall one time very well, and I don’t know if it was because it was so much fun, or if it’s because my mom feels the need to share it with pretty much every guest we have over. No matter the reason, this story still sticks with me. It was a beautiful summer day, and I decided I needed to head outside and enjoy all the beautiful weather. I ran into the woods, toward the creek, and found some fresh mud… if fresh mud is even a thing. I distinctly remember feeling the need to become a mud monster. I started to spread mud up and down my arms, legs, face, hair, and quickly I became the mud monster I was hoping to be.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, my older brother Caleb came running down to see what I was up to, and I told him my plan. He loved this idea! We both worked on making him a mud monster too. We both ended up having the time of our lives by simply playing in the mud. I remember when we were all finished, we headed up to the house, and told mom how we were mud monsters… Unfortunately, mud monsters weren’t allowed in the house. So after all our fun playing in the mud, we had to spray each other down with the hose. Caleb and I probably had a little too much fun spraying each other with the hose, but it made memories that will never end.

I often reminisce upon all the wonderful memories from my past, especially the ones where I got to spray my brother with a garden hose and not get in trouble. But then I have to ask myself a question “Are these moments not just as special as that one?” this one makes me think about how many great opportunities I have been given. The answer to the question I ask myself is yes, yes these moments are just as special. Every moment is a blessing, and how silly is it that sometimes we wish these memory-making moments away. 

Remember the stories that have gotten us through the tough times. remember the tough times that have given us stories. Remember that these moments can be memories in our future if we take time to reflect upon the moments we are given. And maybe we need to go outside and play in the mud as if we were children. Let’s discover what memories we can make in the moment.

Many blessings,

Caden Sixberry, State Treasurer

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