Monday, April 27, 2020

FFA Members Are Impressive

I think it’s hard to describe sometimes what FFA does for its members because there are so many opportunities. When my friends and family outside of FFA ask me about my year, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe my feelings towards this organization. So instead of trying to come up with the right words, I put up a poll on Instagram and asked my friends, “If you had to describe FFA in one word, what would it be?”

Here are some of the responses I received:

I couldn’t agree more with the answers that flooded in. 

For the first time in history, Indiana FFA had to cancel an in person State Convention, and is instead going to a virtual one. Students are trying to do their school work without access to a stable internet source. Seniors don’t get their proms, graduations, or goodbyes that they deserve. Parents are risking their lives to work on the front lines, filing for unemployment, or are working from home. All of these things, in the words of my teammate Nate, suck. They really do. 

But the beautiful thing that is going on in a world full of uncertainties, is all of the FFA members rising up to the challenge. And it’s impressive. FFA members are impressive. No matter where they are, what they’re doing, or who they’re with, they rise up to any challenge thrown their way. When the Governor said school was closed, FFA members adapted. When we said we couldn’t have in person interviews, normal CDE’s, or in person LDE’s, FFA members adapted. And when we said we couldn’t have a traditional State Convention, FFA members supported us and chose to be excited about the plans that are being created. 

FFA is many things. It’s life-changing, inspiring, full of opportunity, and downright amazing. But FFA is all of these things because of its members. Without each member’s hardwork and dedication to serve this organization, FFA would not be where it is today. And for that, I say thank you. Thank you for giving my teammates and I something to work for. You give us the momentum to keep working when we don’t want to. You inspire us, you motivate us, and you’ve made our year memorable. Thank you for believing in FFA. 

Always impressed, 
Caitlyn Lewis

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