Monday, April 13, 2020

Valuable Time

These past few months have been far from normal. From events getting canceled, to
having to move back home with my grandparents. Many of the things I have looked forward to
all year are just not happening. At first I was frustrated and mad about everything going on, but
then I thought about something I hear all the time, live in the moment. There have been several
times this year that I have been so focused on something that was several months or even half
a year away, that I was not focused on what was going on in the present.
I started to think more about what was happening right now and not all the things I
would be missing out on. Here are a few things I noticed. Since the quarantine started, my
grandfather has been home almost every day from work, so we spend almost every day
working on a new project around the house. From fixing my truck, building a shed, to organizing
the garage. We have gotten so much done around the house and I have learned several new

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One day my grandmother and I spent most of the day going through old pictures of me.
There was a lot that I did not remember, so she filled me in with the details of all the stories of
me as a little kid. I learned a lot about not only me, but my family’s history. Then later that day I
helped cook with my grandmother and aunt.
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Since being home; I have learned valuable skills, looked at family history, and spent so
much time with my family. I know the situation is not ideal, but I am extremely grateful for the
time I have had with my family.
Living in the moment,
Eion Stephens

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