Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Indiana FFA, Thank You

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - Dr. Robert Schuller 

It’s a phrase we’ve heard time and time again throughout the past couple months, and it’s something that has echoed throughout our last days in office. 

This year has been full of so many great memories. State Fair, chapter visits, conferences, and the first ever virtual state convention - we can all agree that this year has been quite eventful. Through every moment, the energy in our organization was evident. When times were tough, our members stepped up. Our advisors stepped up. Our staff, sponsors, and supporters stepped up. For that, we say thank you. 
Thank you to all of the members that continued to forge ahead. We never expected one year ago to be hosting a virtual state convention. When we heard the news, we were intimidated. It was uncharted territory. It was daunting. Yet as we stood in an empty Elliott Hall of Music, it didn’t feel empty. We weren’t intimidated. We felt the energy and support from every member that tuned in. We knew through social media that each of you were there with us. You supported us, and you forged ahead to not only make the convention possible, but successful. Because of you, we will continue to forge Indiana FFA’s path now, and forever.

Thank you to our advisors. Without you, we would not have succeeded. You supported our programs every step of the way. We may have been the ones on camera, but you were the ones behind the scenes making it happen. You brought convention to our members and helped forge an impact. Advisors have always been the backbone of our association, and that was proven through the difficulties we were faced with this year. 

Thank you to the dedicated sponsors and supporters of our association. During the tough times, you stuck by us and helped us provide programs and activities to our members. You have exceeded the true meaning behind our mission statement by supporting premier leadership, personal growth, and career success for all Indiana FFA members.

To our staff, we say thank you. From the moment the gavel tapped, you have mentored and supported us every single day. This past month you have told us how tough we have been, but we learned it from the best. You showed us what tough truly meant and you were the ones who helped us through it all. Thank you for being the family we always needed.

Indiana FFA, thank you. 

Eion, Dillon, Caitlyn, Taylor, Nathan, Morgan, and Noah

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