Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Plants and People

Jungle life. That’s the closest thing I can compare living in the state officer house to. Plants crowd the tables, corners, and have started to overtake our front porch. Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise considering Jeremiah and I have a small obsession with the plant kind. We even added plants to our fish bowl. 

While these plants are some of the cutest decorations, there are a lot of lessons to learn from them. 

Water and Vitamin D

Growing up, my mom would always tell me to drink some water and go outside any time I would start to get irritated. She’d tell me that I need to treat myself like the plants in my room. In all honesty, we need just as much water and sunlight as those plants because we all know seasonal depression is a real thing. 


We hear about growth a lot, both in character and physically. Some plants grow at a rapid rate, others can take years to grow. One thing I’ve learned is that there is no set pace for growth, and it will even change according to what season of life you’re in. There are even times where you’ll blossom, but remember that blooms don’t last forever- and that’s okay. 

Get Dirty

Repotting plants has become one of the most therapeutic activities ever. Getting dirt under your fingernails, breaking apart the roots, then taking off any dead leaves (small tip: don’t do it on the kitchen table with Nicholas in the house). Be sure to take those moments to get dirty. Soak up those moments where you can act like a kid- those are the best mental breaks. 

Losing Leaves

As plants grow they lose leaves when they don’t help the plant anymore. It’s okay to lose some of your own leaves: friends, hobbies, talents. It’s even okay to grow some new ones. 

Even though plants seem pretty far from being like people, we do have some similarities. So, run on over to your favorite greenhouse, get a plant, and learn a couple lessons yourself. 

Still plant obsessed,


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