Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Romanticizing Life

Romanticizing- to believe that something is better, more interesting, or more exciting than it really is

Have you ever heard of the trends where you do tasks everyday to romanticize your life? Well, over the summer I took on the challenge. I was determined to make every moment this summer as special as possible. Below I have added some photos which represent some of these activities I took part in.  (Please note some photos are poor quality due to immense levels of fun happening!)

The first image you see is the team participating in an intense game of rain volleyball. Despite being soaking wet and sand flying into everyone’s eyes. It was the best time of my life. We were all able to let go for a while and just enjoy a simple game of volleyball. I learned that some of the best moments were had in the pouring rain.

Next is a photo of a sunflower field. Kourtney and I discovered this one day driving down a random road in Franklin. The sign said “You Cut Sunflowers”, so we immediately pulled over. After about thirty minutes of cutting flowers, we came home with about 12 in total. Spending some time surrounded by happy colors of bright yellow and green filled me with total serotonin. A simple action became one of my favorite events of the summer.

As my last photo for this post, it is clear that I am inside of a dinosaur egg. I thought this was the best way to capture how I enjoyed the state fair. Yes, the state fair was a struggle. But, I had some small moments that created a lot of joy during this time. First, I was able to take goofy photos with different photo ops which still make me laugh and feel like I am five. Second, I spent 12 dollars to purchase a massive slushie. It was totally worth it. Plus the refills were only five dollars! Being able to let go and just have a little fun made the state fair an experience I definitely will not forget. What a way to end my summer!

To summarize it all, I created memorable moments in the most unexpected ways and places. I challenge each of you to create those memories for yourself throughout this year. Go buy yourself some ice cream on your way home from school or go dance in the rain after you finish a sports practice. 

Living in the moment,

Madisen Carns

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