Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Make That Impact

We all impact someone each day, whether we know it or not.

This didn’t become real to me until my Senior year of high school, when I was on top. At little Eastern Hancock high school, you are the talk of the town when you are finally a Senior. As a person was involved in everything through high school, I had adults, members of the community, and people younger than me constantly coming up to me when I was in public.

As FFA events started back up, we would have an FFA meeting every first Thursday of the month. I would  have a young gal with brown hair named Audrey come up to me after the meeting and always want to talk. I didn’t think twice about it, so I would have a quick conversation with her and we would go on with our night. 

As time would go by, I would end up visiting and facilitating younger classes for my ag teachers. I was in my cousin’s class one day, and she was in the same grade as that brown haired 8th grader I wrote about earlier. My cousin came up to me one day and was talking about how much that girl would talk about me - about my style, the jewelry I wore, my personality, and how I took time to simply talk to her. I had no idea the things I said to her were making an impact. It was in these moments I truly understood the power humans have to make a difference.

With this story, I challenge you to evaluate this - are you taking time for other people? What are you doing to ensure others are feeling loved, valued, and appreciated? Our impact on others can be positive or negative -- it’s up to you on how you choose to make that impact.

Make that impact,

Jordyn Wickard

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