Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Best Type of Joke

Now that I’ve been in office for almost four months I think that there's something some of my teammates have started to notice about me. It’s not anything bad and I don’t think that it annoys anyone. It is that I have an interesting sense of humor. You see I seem to find the weirdest, smallest, and most of the time things that they don’t consider funny, funny. I realized that my humor was different from theirs when I started telling them the jokes that I found funny. On snapchat I’m subscribed to a person who posts a daily dad joke. I personally find almost everything he posts funny but my teammates (mainly Nick) don’t find the humor in them. My instagram reels are almost all jokes as well. These small one liner jokes are what I find a lot of joy in life from. To me Dad jokes are the best type of joke. They are small, often are a play on words, and easy to remember. I’ve started using these types of jokes all the time this year. Back during LDW I had my ice breaker activity be matching the set up and punchlines from dad jokes. Personally I thought it was a great way to meet new people and to start a conversation. Thankfully some others agreed and I got to hear about how these jokes helped start a few new friendships. I have also adopted a new way to start my facilitation. We normally start a day with an ice breaker activity or two. Most of the time we are working with middle schoolers who don't like to participate. I’ve found that a good way to get them to talk is to start by telling jokes. That's why I start each facilitation with the joke

How much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice. It's time for an icebreaker activity.

These little jokes are something that bring joy to my life. I know not everyone finds these funny but everyone does have something that brings them some daily joy. Maybe that thing is your dog or a sibling, or maybe it's not a physical thing but something you see on social media. But each of us has something that brings us joy. I’m going to leave everyone with some more joy. A few more dad jokes to brighten your day.

I never buy anything that has Velcro with it, it’s a total rip-off

I was going to tell you a fighting joke but I forgot the punch line.

I was going to tell you a time travel joke but you didn’t find it funny.

What does a sweet potato wear to bed? His yammies

6 is scared of 7 because 7,8,9 but why did 7 eat 9? Because you’re supposed to eat 3         square meals a day.

One thing I can’t deal a deck of cards glued together

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