Monday, January 16, 2023

10 Things I learned from my First time Skiing

  1. YOU WILL FALL AND IT WILL HURT. But this is okay because I can say from experience that you won’t fall the same way twice.

  2. Once you get to the top there’s only one way down… on the skis that you barely know how to use.

  3. Learn how to stop before you learn anything else.

  4. The faster you go the more fun it is. (This is why you must learn to stop)

  5. Don’t be afraid to learn some stuff from the 8 year old who has been skiing twice as long as you have.

  6. If someone asks you to try something new, say yes to it! I can guarantee standing at the top of a slope getting ready to try something new is going to be way scarier than doing it in real life so why not try.

  7. Beware of the ski lift. If you aren’t very good on skis at first it can be kinda tricky to get off the lift when you reach the top.

  8. Going full speed down a slope without trying to stop is one of the most wide open and wicked experiences you’ll ever have.

  9. Enjoy the view at the top because it doesn’t last for long before you come back down. I relate this back to real life too, we can’t expect to stay on top forever, but we can enjoy the view so when we get back there it’s even better.

  10. BRING GOGGLES or sunglasses if you prefer. Trust me whether the snow machines are running, or they aren’t you are going to want to wear these.

-All in all, my first trip skiing with the Adams Central FFA Chapter was by far one of the most fun things I’ve had the opportunity to do. Aside from the skills I gained in terms of actually learning how to ski and make it down the slope in one piece, I also learned a few things about me. Some of the scariest things in life are often the most exciting as well as thrilling. If I’m being honest, I was quite nervous to go down the first slope but after I felt how fast and wide open it was, I was obsessed with the whole idea of it. Additionally, it showed me that the view at the top of the slope was amazing but that you couldn’t stay up there, that’s not how it worked. Then slowly I made this connection to real life, often we find ourselves at the top of our slope with an amazing view. But it never fails that we always have to come down off of our slopes, that's how it works. Then I began to think about the trip back up, while skiing it was the ski lift which was such a beautiful sight. But why can’t the trip up our slope be beautiful, full of sight and full of growth? That’s because the trip up our own slope is exactly what we make of it. If we continue to look at the sights around us, build ourselves in a positive/effective way and never give up on the climb, I can almost guarantee that the climb up our own slope will by far be the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.

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