Monday, January 9, 2023

Build Relationships That Outlast You

Christmas break for me was very well needed. I was excited to take a break from my busy FFA life and be able to enjoy my family, travel, and catch up on shows. 

Towards the tail end of our break, I went to an Indian Creek High School basketball game. This game was combined with our boys and girls and on top of that Indian Creek hosted the annual Carrie Claybourn Dinner where, the Indian Creek FFA and Carrie’s mother honor her in an annual porkchop dinner to raise funds for an annual scholarship for senior FFA Members. This event is always huge and is practically a second homecoming for alumni. After eating, seeing the current FFA members, and chatting with my old advisors about State Office I went into the game. As I walked in, I saw the pep band, which is where I would be found during my time at IC. Then an exchange student from my senior year came back for a short and expensive birthday/Christmas to see all of her American friends. After catching up with her I saw some of my friends from high school. We were talking about what they are doing, and they always asked how my experience was going. After talking and catching up with friends for the length of two high school basketball games I went to talk with my old band director. I mostly talked about my ongoing goal of making the Purdue “All-American Marching Band,” and she was talking about exercises I can implement while traveling. Her husband, who was at the game, was also remarking on his experience in the “All-American Marching Band,” traveling and combining with other college bands. Once my mouth was dry from talking for so long and the school had cleared out, I headed on my way home with so much joy from being to see so many of my friends who I hadn’t seen for a good bit.

The reason I am talking about this is that I encourage everyone to make relationships that will last past high school or college or something that is definite. When I was in high school, I became friends with some people that we had a great time in high school together, but it never lasted past graduation. Having made those friendships that did endure graduation has allowed me to keep up with them even though we don’t regularly see each other. I know my true friends will even show up at my funeral because our friendship was more than seeing each other at school but a relationship that outlasts both of us. As my mom always said, “You can never have too many friends,” so you should be nice and be acquaintances with everyone but just be mindful who your true friends are.

With best wishes,

    Tobias Sturgell

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