Monday, May 23, 2011

Cows, Plows, and Sows

Being apart of the largest youth organization in the world is an honor. To those who aren’t familiar with the FFA and what it stands for we are often labeled with being all about “cows, plows and sows.” I used to find myself strongly disagreeing with that statement, but this past Saturday I found myself taking pride in the statement. This past Saturday my team and I packed up and headed to Purdue University for the state 4-h and FFA livestock, dairy and poultry evaluation Career Development Events. Hundreds of students spent over ten hours judging several classes of livestock and then preparing and delivering sets of oral reasons. I spent all of my time that day with the livestock evaluation group. Those hardworking individuals in that contest judged twelve different classes of livestock ranging from beef cattle, swine, goats and sheep, and gave six sets of oral reasons. Those hardworking individuals spent twelve hours at the contest from 7:00am to 7:00pm.
Anyone who now has the idea of “cows, plows, and sows”, I will agree with them. Because I do not know of any other group of young individuals who have the vast knowledge of livestock, oral speaking skills, and pure dedication to a cause…and those things are something to be extremely proud of.

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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