Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Power of Youth

This past weekend, over 60 Discovery FFA members converged on the grounds of the Indiana FFA Leadership Center to get their feet wet and test the waters of our organization. 

Members shared their enthusiasm for FFA while filming Commercials for the Give Hope Campaign. They practiced personal growth, teamwork and communication skills in activities. They learned the skill of land navigation from Blackthorn Inc. and gave their thanks to those serving our nation in the Million Thanks community service program. The familiarized themselves with the grounds of the center that most all of them said they could not wait to return to as high school FFA members! 

Hans Bernard once asked "Isn't it time to tap into the power of youth?". My teammates and I believe it is. These young people are the accumulative sum of their experiences... the words they hear, the lessons they are taught, the interactions they have and the passions they develop lay the ground work for the future every second after the present one.

Stakeholders and bystanders... let's tap into the power of youth! Contact Lisa Chaudion at lchaudion@indianaffa.org or Steve Hickey at shickey@isda.in.gov to find a way to tap into the power of youth and be one of the positive influences of their futures.

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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