Monday, September 5, 2022

In All Things Give Thanks

It’s easy to take things for granted. Our blessings become normalized and almost become expected. I’m sad to say I’m guilty of this all too often. After starting my year of State Office, I challenged myself to never take a single moment for granted, as there are only 365 days for this opportunity and now, even less. This blog is to hold me accountable for this goal, to remember “In All Things Give Thanks.”

The first person to encourage this attitude of gratitude was my wonderful mom. She always noticed my friends who thanked her, emphasized my siblings and I showing appreciation for others, and the simple words “thank you” were extremely important to her.  She instilled this priority for thankfulness and this lesson is something I will remember forever. 

I am reminded of this lesson daily with my team. They constantly remind me of all of the reasons to be grateful and appreciate each moment. They challenge me to see the positives in every situation and use every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Seth, Toby, Mary, Anthony, Gracie, and Jaden - thank you for pushing me to be grateful in all situations. 

Finally, every member of Indiana FFA continues to teach me the lesson of gratefulness daily. Every interaction, conversation, and new friendship from the start of my year of service reminds me of the amazing opportunity I was given. I hope to show my appreciation for each of you during this year. Thank you for making it easier to remember “In All Things Give Thanks.”

With a grateful heart, 

Jenna Kelsay

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