Monday, September 19, 2022

My Biggest Takeaway

This past weekend, I went home and milked cows at the dairy farm I used to work at in
high school. I loved working there, not just because I genuinely enjoyed my job but because of
the family that owned the farm. They were excited to see me when I showed up to work, and
they ask me what the biggest takeaway from state office has been so far. I took a few seconds to
think on how I wanted to word my answer, but I already knew exactly what I wanted to say.

Let’s rewind back to state fair. I knew exactly why I ran for state office. I wanted to
connect with members that felt like they didn’t belong in agriculture. State fair was the perfect
opportunity to do this. I met so many members that had different backgrounds and experiences. I
loved talking to members that a background in agriculture, but the members who did not really
touched my heart. I heard their stories of joining FFA without any knowledge of agriculture, but
now their lives are encompassed by it. I talked to members who had joined FFA chapters that
had just recently started and discussed what they were actively doing to build up FFA in their
own school. I thoroughly believe this is what FFA is all about. I was overjoyed to see all the
work that is being done by members to advocate for FFA and agriculture.

When it came time it came time for Premier Leadership Training, there were hardly any
members that I hadn’t met before. I was so excited to see all of the district officers and section
directors that I was able to build connections with during state fair. This has been my biggest
takeaway from state office. Connection. Meaningful connections with members from across the
state. At PLT, the state officers were able to share a few reflective thoughts with the district
officers. I feel what I said reflects my biggest takeaway. I am not big into romance, but I have
fallen in love with this organization and the members. These connections help me remember why
I ran for state office on the hard days and make the meaningful moments so much more
memorable. I am so appreciative of meeting and building relationships with members that have
the same passion for agriculture that I do, and I am looking forward to meeting so many more.

Living to Serve,
Jaden Maze

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