Friday, May 5, 2023

A Thank You to Indiana FFA

When asked to write one of my final blogs for the year, I knew that I wanted to make this one special. There is so much I could say about my experience as a state officer, and I know I will not be able to capture down everything I want to convey. However, I will try my best to encompass the things I have learned not just from my teammates, but from the members as well as staff. To all of you who read this, there is so much I am grateful for, and I want to thank everyone for what they have taught me thus far.

To my team: Thank you for teaching me the ability to love. All six of you have unique strengths that I have admired throughout the year. Each one of you taught me something different but combined together, you all taught me the importance of having open and honest relationships. While we may act like brothers and sisters, I have respect for all of you not just as a teammate, but a lifelong friend. I know the bond we all share is something that will last, and I have an intuition that the memories we make together will not end when we take our jackets off for the last time.

To Indiana FFA/ Leadership Center staff: Throughout the year, I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. Your guidance is something that I have greatly appreciated, and I am humbled to have people in my life that can offer that kind of mentorship. Your wisdom is a quality that I have looked up to since the start of my year. I want to thank you for everything that you do for our team and the rest of Indiana FFA. I write this on behalf of everyone, your work behind the scenes does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everything that you.

To all of the members: This year would not have been possible without you. I know this is quoted quite often but the fact that you all are the future of this organization holds true, and it always will. To all members that I have had the opportunity to interact with, YOU were the one that motivated and inspired me to be the best state officer I could. As my team nears the end of our year, I am excited to form as many more relationships with members as I can, and I can’t wait to see you all at convention. As for the chapter advisors, I want to extend a tremendous thank you for the work that you put in to keep FFA alive in your communities and across the state. Forming bonds with advisors was something I always looked forward to this year, and we are lucky as a state to see such dedication to agricultural education. When I see members reach their full potential, that shows me the support they have from you, and it warms my heart knowing that these students have strong teachers back home they can lean on.

Indiana FFA: YOU taught me a lot this year. YOU brought out the best in me. YOU
helped me love. YOU helped me live. For that, I will forever be grateful. “Give thanks to the
Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” -1 Chronicles 16:34

                                                                                                    Until next time,

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  1. I love reading all of your blogs! You are all special and all of you hold special places in our hearts!