Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Big Talk Doesn’t Make a Big Man

    Humility is one of the most important aspects of being a leader. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a State Officer is to know when to admit I’m wrong as well as know when to hold to my ground. Being humble truly takes courage to be able to knowingly admit your mistakes and take ownership for those. When you decide to talk big talk you are undoubtedly taking a risk that your words will be backed up by the end result. When the results aren’t in your favor, all that big talk will shrink you quicker than you can spit out another comment. 

As leaders we all have a job, that job being the way we lead. Some lead through words, action, service to others or through networking. Leaders must know their job and be proficient at it to be an effective leader, then be able to learn multiple jobs to take them to the next level. When it comes to leading through our actions our results can do the big talking. When we lead through our words there is a line to walk here, quite possible but has the possibility of hurting us if it's the only job we know how to do.  

“Banners are won at home”, a phrase I’m sure all livestock showmen have heard in their career. This is so unbelievably true in many places of our lives. The work we do at home allows us to be confident in the results we will get with our work. Leaving us with no temptation to let ourselves get a big head or talk things up as a defense tactic. I know I’ve been guilty of putting on a false front to make myself feel better about the fact I haven’t put in all the work I know I should’ve. Agreed, it’s fun to let out some friendly smack talk but I’ve seen Big Talk make a small person. 

Remember to let your actions do the speaking, put the work in for the results you want and that Big Talk Doesn't Make a Big Man.

-Seth Ariens Indiana FFA State President

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