Sunday, May 7, 2023


The clock just keeps counting

While the to-do list just keeps mounting

With each tick I feel deflated

Can this feeling be evaded?

I remember when the clock was 360

I still felt extremely giddy 

I still had an entire year

And the end felt nowhere near

Oh to have that feeling back

Because now I just lose track

Of the what if’s and could have been’s

It almost sends me into a spin 

Now the time is numbered 

And I’m not sure what will be remembered

Was I a big enough light?

Will the impact even take flight?

But unanswered questions don’t help

So I guess there’s no need to dwell

For now I just make each second know 

That I do in fact still have time to grow

The clock is not my enemy

I just needed that second to see

To be grateful for the here and now

To be present is my vow

Time is not forever but memories are

I just need to thank my lucky star

I can enjoy it with the six

Who continue to teach me new tricks

How to laugh, and cry, and feel

And I love each of them a great deal

And know this family doesn't end

Even when it is the last FFA event we attend

But my family is bigger than that

It's the people when we pass the hat

Now that I come to think of it

It is every person in the jacket

The clock doesn’t count friends

And even when the clock ends

I will always have a reason to smile

As I think about the good times on file

Who even cares about the clock?

For this year it can’t mock

I decided to stop hearing the ticking

Because I’m going out alive and kicking

But you might have a clock too

And there's no need to feel blue

Find friends to count instead of minutes

And that is how we make the sky our limit

Enjoying this moment,


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