Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Delegates and Candidates

We have reached the end of day two of our experience at the 84th National FFA Convention.  It was an exciting day as members (not just delegates!) from across the United States started to arrive!  It's always neat to see Indianapolis fill up with Blue Jackets.
So far, our time in Indianapolis has consisted of delegate work.  There are 475 total delegates with 8 of them being from Indiana.  These delegates consist of the Indiana FFA State Officer team and one member of our Executive Committee.  This year, that member is Marshall Perkins. As delegates, we serve on six different committees that were appointed by our National President, Riley Pagett. Each committee focuses on an issue that is facing the National FFA Organization.  It is our responsible to come up with suggestions to the National Board of Trustees on how the organization should approach the issues.
While we were working on delegate issues, the National Officer Candidates were going through interviews. Today, the National Nominating Committee made their 50% cut of candidates.  The 50% of candidates who made the cut will be continuing with interviews and will find out during elections on Saturday whether or not they will be apart of the 2011-2012 National FFA Officer team.  We are SO excited for our National Officer Candidate, Morgan Gadd, as she made the top 50%!  We cannot wait to see what's in store for her on Saturday.  We wish her the best as she continues with interviews!
Tomorrow, National Convention will be in full force! I cannot wait to see everybody from Indiana (and of course my home chapter, Warsaw)!  Stay tuned for more information on the latest happenings at National Convention!

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