Friday, October 21, 2011

If you just listen..

Since it's national convention time, and since this time only comes once a year, of course there is lots and lots to see.. But what I have learned this week is that if you just listen you can appreciate this one of a kind convention just the same...
As I walk to Conseco Fieldhouse every day for the spectacular sessions I never took the time to just listen..I just walked and talked and met new people.. But today I did take that time to listen..
What I found surprised me a little bit.. When I listened I saw "national convention" in a whole new way..
First I heard the classic "heyyyyy!!!" that lingers throughout the streets of Indy.. Each state shouting back to one another voicing their friendly hello.. I heard accents from all over the map, Northern voices and southern twangs! That alone made me grin. Then I heard someone yell, "Red robin!!", almost instantly the crowds around him hollered "Yum!!!"... So many unique people and voices all here harmonizing together. And when I finally did reach the fieldhouse I listened to the the motivating speakers and the inspiring national officers that reminded me the importance of leadership, service, and believing in myself.. While there is lots to see there is so much joyful noise and energy in down town Indy this week.. Everyone around the city knows when the FFA kids come to town and what a celebration it is for youth around this great country. Each night as I lie down in my hotel bed I reflect on the fact that it is such a blessing to be here with so many opportunities around me.. I am continuously inspired by the noise that surrounds me and motivated by each new person I have met!

Yours truly,
From the center of it all,
Casie Cameron Conley
Indiana FFA State President

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