Saturday, October 22, 2011

REFRESHing News Fresh from D.C.

  This morning FFA members from across Indiana were given a very unique opportunity:  the opportunity to meet with not one, but two members of congress to discuss the REFRESH (Rural Economic Farm and Ranch Sustainability Act) Act.  I was very excited to see the seats in the room nearly full of blue jackets by the time that Ted McKinney took the stage to introduce Congressman Marlin Stutzman and Senator Richard Lugar.  Both Congressman Stutzman and Senator Lugar have agriculture in their backgrounds and serve on the agriculture committees in their respective legislative bodies.  After brief introductions of themselves and the act, members were allowed and encouraged to ask questions.  The two legislators answered our questions and gave us great insight on the direction of the act.  Then everyone in a blue jacket in the crowd had the chance to meet the two before we parted ways.  The REFRESH Act listening session was a great opportunity for Indiana FFA members to meet the people representing them in Washington, and we definitely need to send a shout-out to past state officer Rachel Demaree for making it happen!  Thanks Rachel!

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