Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Every day the delegates representing FFA members/states across the nation have a luncheon. These luncheons begin with a current National Officer welcome, a prayer, and then lunch. Once the meal begins to slow, a speaker is introduced to the stage. Today during the delegate luncheon we were blessed with a presentation from Mr. Jeff Simmons of ELANCO. Mr. Simmons, the President, is doing everything that he can to spread the message of hunger and how we, as agriculturalists, can help. The world population is growing rapidly and we are going to have to do everything that we can in order to help feed the world. Mr. Simmons also spoke about the three rights: food, choice, and sustainment.

Hopefully that while over 50,000 members cram into Indianapolis during convention, many are able to gain some amazing inspiration. Agriculture is a diverse field and every single person that attends this convention-5+ 0could easily find a place in their futures under the realm of agriculture. 

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